Who do you know?

Last week I was asked ‘who do you know?’ More specifically, who did I know that exemplifies outstanding achievements as a member of, or in support of Service and ex-Service personnel and their families.

I was asked this question by the brilliant Soldiering On Awards, who every year publicly celebrate and thank the inspirational people who have served their country, and the people and groups who support these individuals and their families. 2020 marks the tenth anniversary of the awards, which over the years has had a huge impact on winners and nominees alike.

As summer starts to cool off, the award season begins to warm up, and we all know there are no awards without nominees. So, it’s time to ask yourself ‘who do I know’ that deserves the recognition and importantly, the thanks that a Soldiering On Award delivers.

Nominations for the 2020 awards are currently open, but not for long…

Today marks only 25 days to go until nominations close on 30 September. That’s not long, but defiantly enough time to nominate someone you know who deserves recognition. With 13 award categories, you may just find the perfect one for that inspirational person or group that you could nominate.

So, who do you know?

Stuart Cole

Research Manager, DSC