Research and Reports

Since 2014 DSC’s Armed Forces Charities Project has led the way in researching those charities which serve the armed forces community.

DSC's two Sector Insight reports provide and overview and analysis of the sector. DSC's Focus On reports provide a thematic look at key topical areas of provision from charities. 

Click on the links below to download the reports and supporting materials. 

Sector Insight Reports

Ray Lock CBE, Chief Executive FiMT:

‘It is only right that we invest in credible, independent evidence, such as this report, so that our efforts and resources are deployed where they are most needed, and where they can have the greatest positive effect.’

Debra Allcock Tyler, Chief Executive DSC:

‘We are very fortunate to have so many brilliant forces charities in the UK, and it is vital that we continue to illuminate and celebrate their work.’   

Stuart Cole, Project Manager DSC:

‘The impact that education and employment can have is measured in more than just qualifications or status; increasingly, these areas define our quality of life. We are proud to present an analysis of those charities which support the educational and employment needs of the armed forces commun

Ray Lock CBE, Chief Executive FiMT:

FiMT was established to enable ex-Service personnel and their families to make a successful and sustainable transition to civilian life. It does this by funding reports, such as this Focus On series which provides independent, evidence-based knowledge that can be used to influence and bring about change where needed, from policy through to service delivery. The clearly detailed evidence in this report offers an important and unique insight into the education and employment support provided by the Armed Forces charity sector across the UK.’

Ray Lock CBE, Chief Executive, FiMT:

The purpose of FiMT is to enable all ex-Service personnel and their families to make a successful and sustainable transition back into civilian life.This detailed report provides an important insight into the physical health support a relatively small number of charities provide to the armed forces community across the UK.’

Tom Traynor, Head of Research, DSC:

‘The aim of the Focus On series is not only to highlight the vital work our armed forces charities do for their respective beneficiaries, but also to create a better knowledge base for policymakers and these charities to continue to act in the best interests of our armed forces community.